Heron Solar Farm will displace the equivalent of 724,000 tonnes of CO2 throughout its lifetime

Building a sustainable future in Rushcliffe

Heron Solar Farm would be located on land just off Stragglethorpe Road between the villages of Cotgrave and Radcliffe on Trent. The site has been carefully chosen for its discretion and sensitivity, in a location with minimal visibility from surrounding residential communities.

The site is well screened by hedgerows along Stragglethorpe Road. Additionally, new hedgerows and tree planting will be planted around the site boundary to reduce visual impact. During operation, this field will continue to be used for arable farming with 95% of the site still available for agricultural use.

JBM Solar commit to achieving a minimum of 50% biodiversity net gain on every site, by protecting and preserving biodiversity, while also creating new high-quality habitats including bat and bird boxes, wildflower meadows, insect hotels, and reptile hibernacula.

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The displacement of over 18,000 tonnes of CO2 annually from equivalent fossil fuel energy, which equates to taking c. 9,738 cars off the road each year.

Opportunities to provide green infrastructure such as enhanced rights of way, outdoor picnic areas and information boards.

Genuine benefits for local residents, including a £60,000 community benefit fund to support local initiatives and organisations.

Over 95% of the site will continue to be used for grazing and remain in agricultural use, allowing topsoil to recover, by increasing soil organic matter and improving soil structure.

A >50% biodiversity net gain providing ecological benefits through new habitats, such as wildflower meadows, grassland areas, habitats for birds, bats, insects, and reptiles.

1.8 km of new hedgerow and trees including a mix of mature and semi-mature tree planting to further improve screening and habitat creation.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on site, ensuring the solar farm can be as flexible as possible in delivering energy to the grid.

Over £2.5 million generated in business rates over the lifetime of the project, to be used by Rushcliffe Borough Council to fund important local services.

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